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Our approach to managing change is different. We’ve all been to sessions where new thinking is agreed upon and everyone leaves energized – only to have the fresh thinking and new approaches disappear within hours of the session being completed.

Our approach activates the appropriate individuals to cascade change rapidly into every corner of the organization. We rely on a collaborative approach that leaves people feeling energized with a desire to be part of the change – and it sticks.

When businesses excel at navigating change, they do so because they bring their people along for the journey. Our approach ensures that a two-way dialogue is created, and that tools are in place to help new ways of doing things to solidify and become entrenched over time.

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The Phase of the Change Management Process
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managing change
Motivating your organization to embrace a change isn’t as simple as holding a townhall with a fancy presentation or a pep rally. It requires understanding the people behind the change, and how they are impacted by an initiative. These six tips will help you understand how to better support your team and get people on board with change.

Implementing and managing change.

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