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Hugh MacPhie is a leading business strategist, keynote speaker, and author.

Hugh has two popular keynote presentations, one based on Magnetism, and one based on his book Don’t Forget Your Cape.


In this keynote Hugh shares insights into a number of topics that are designed to make management lessons simple, and inspire people to achieve greatness both as individuals and as a team. Hugh links these lessons to research, corporate case studies and management theory to create a unique and entertaining view of how to dream – and achieve – new goals.


In this insightful keynote, Hugh MacPhie shares his theory of magnetism, which explores his attraction offers specific steps to make your organization or brand more “magnetic”

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Our Clients

“I'm just over the moon happy. As we developed this new brand, you guys actually cared about it as much as me. The whole team took time to understand and we went on the journey together. You solved it with me. This was true creative minds working together and you were invested in true collaboration. I've worked with other branding organizations and nobody listens as well as you and cares as much as MacPhie. You took the time to translate what was in my head and my heart and helped make it real. ”

Elka Walsh, Founder and CEO at UDiscover Learning Inc.

Elka Walsh – Udiscover Learning Inc.

Our Clients

“The MacPhie team empowered us to continue performing at a high level through a period of exponential growth. We needed to protect our source of competitive advantage - our culture and MacPhie’s approach was one of collaboration and co-creation, ensuring buy-in from all departments and levels of management during the development of our cultural roots framework.  The cultural tools we have now influence our hiring and daily operations in a way that harnesses our culture. I know it's working because our guiding principles have entered our daily lexicon and allow us to keep one another accountable with a shared understanding of HOW we uniquely succeed.”

Jordan Sinclair, Vice President - Communications & Media, Canopy Growth Corporation

Jordan Sinclair – Canopy Growth

Our Clients

 “I highly recommend MacPhie and team. They take what others make complicated and simplify it to the benefit of building more highly engaged and motivated teams. We have a brand new public affairs team at Coca-Cola Canada. Their work helped bring together diverse backgrounds and experiences to build a vision and set of guiding principles for the team. The process helped the team to get to know each other and garner respect for each others’ contributions to the team.”

Krista Scaldwell, Vice President, Coca-Cola Canada

Krista Scaldwell – Coca Cola

Our Clients

“I’ve worked with many consultants over the years and MacPhie is by far the most comprehensive, thorough and innovative.  When they commit to something, it is always delivered on time and complete.  While attending to the smallest detail, they still manage to challenge thinking and inspire each person to be creative and their personal best.  It is joy to work with Hugh and his team.”

Louise Bradley, President and CEO, Mental Health Commission of Canada

Louise Bradley – MHCC

Our Clients

“For many years, the OHA has trusted the professionals at MacPhie. From facilitation to strategy development to qualitative research, they consistently deliver tremendous value and insight to our organization. They are genuinely focused on anticipating and servicing client needs, and, unlike so many other firms, they actually deliver on this promise time and time again.”

Anthony J. Dale, President and CEO, The Ontario Hospital Association

Anthony Dale – Ontario Hospital Association

Our Clients

“MacPhie exceeded our expectations when they facilitated a planning process and drafted the revised UTSC strategic plan. This was the first formal plan to be approved through the full University governance cycle, and it was received with unanimous support at all levels. We enjoyed the full benefit of having an external non-partisan team engage with stakeholders to hear their concerns, and then having our administrative team work with them to address those concerns in the development of the plan. Hugh and his team were outstanding at partnering with us to develop an exceptional strategic plan.”

Andrew Arifuzzaman, Chief Administrative Officer, University of Toronto Scarborough

Andrew – University of Toronto

Our Clients

“MacPhie and Company has a special ability to bring clarity to strategic, communication, and transformation challenges. They’ve helped me bring business clarity to public policy challenges that demanded the attention of decision makers; strategic clarity to an important campaign planning process; and, operational clarity that improved collaboration between team members. Every leader tackling complex problems would benefit from a conversation with MacPhie.”

David Simmonds, VP Government Affairs, McKesson Canada

David Simmonds – McKesson Canada

Our Clients

“Over the last several years, the MacPhie Team has helped my organization resolve some meaty challenges and capitalize on some big opportunities.  The thinkers at MacPhie are always able to quickly gain a deep understanding of different facets of our business, which allows them to get to the root cause of the issue or the kernel of the opportunity.  And upon that realization, they provide practical and relevant insights that are actionable – their recommendations aren’t too small that they’re not worth pursuing, and not so grandiose that they’re too scary to chase.”

Adam Hutton, former Vice President Adoption and Strategic Partnerships, Ontario Telemedicine Network

Adam Hutton – Ontario Telemedicine Network

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