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Simply put, we help facilitate difficult meetings. From managing conflicting personalities or individual motives, to structuring unique approaches to challenging topics, we help executives and Boards find clarity, optimal solutions, and the courage to make decisions.

We believe in what we call Activist Facilitation, wherein we seek to get to the best answer – not a consensus. Consensus simply means bland compromise that pleases no one and is sub-optimal. Activist Facilitation also means we don’t shy away from sharing our own perspectives to help drive decision-making. Participants in our facilitations comment on our inclusive and upbeat process and appreciate us expanding their thinking with fresh perspective.

Our support includes planning and preparation for key meetings, facilitating working sessions, and providing detailed reports that clearly synthesize key discussion items, themes, and conclusions that emerge.

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Senior level meetings are challenging to run efficiently due to having multiple perspectives and decision-making authority. Following these five simple tips can help you gain alignment decisions and leave these meetings with a feeling of accomplishment.

How to facilitate a board meeting.


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