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Turn your organizational
culture into an asset

Deliberately managing and shaping your organization’s culture helps you win. Our process uncovers what people who matter to you really value, articulates an inspiring vision of how you help change the world, uncovers guiding principles unique and authentic to your organization, and imbues the culture you want into your organization’s DNA.

Rooted in our Magnetism philosophy, our process includes:

  • Market research to understand your team’s values and aspirational personal identity
  • Structured small-group discussions to define how your organization changes the world
  • Facilitated conversations to create guiding principles to shape behaviour
  • Workshops to co-create implementation approaches that stick
  • Follow-up and monitoring tools that help implement and measure your magnetic culture with custom solutions to engage employees

MacPhie’s four-phase process helps organizations to become more magnetic through staff engagement. Throughout our process we:

macphie magnetism

Let’s make your organization more magnetic.

accelerated culture transformation

Most literature claims that organizational culture transformation takes up to seven years. What’s the problem with that? The average lifespan of organizations in 2018 is only 12 years. At MacPhie, we have developed an Accelerated Culture Transformation practice that rapidly defines an organization’s aspirational culture and begins the process of implementation immediately. Following these four tips can help you design and implement a successful culture transformation at your organization.

Planning for accelerated culture transformation


A strong culture can support  strategic changes.
See how we support strategic planning.

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