What We Do.


Market Research
We utilize a mix of quantitative and immersive qualitative research methods that enable us to uncover rich insights into the needs, preferences, attitudes, behaviours, and aspirations of the key audiences that matter to you most.


Strategic Planning
By marrying the insights captured during market research with a healthy dose of creativity, we help your organization navigate uncertainty, solve problems, identify opportunities for growth, and achieve deep stakeholder engagement.


Communications Planning
The cornerstone of implementation is clear communication. We work with you to clearly articulate your vision and identity, ensuring that target audiences understand and appreciate you in the exact way intended.

Market Research Services

The MacPhie way works. Our process helps organizations to pave a path forward by providing actionable insights into social and technical aspects of markets and the thoughts, feelings, values, and aspirations of your target audiences and stakeholders.

Digital Surveying

Online Immersive Blogging

In-Depth Interviewing

Focus Groups

Strategic Planning Services

Even though audiences and stakeholders are complex, strategies and solutions shouldn’t be. We deliver ambitious yet achievable strategic plans that aid organizations in articulating their mission, vision, and values, and establishing clear priorities and a roadmap forward.

Define Brand and Identity

Formulate Strategies

Develop Action Plans

Win Over Key Stakeholders

Communications Planning Services

Among our most successful engagements are those that help organizations, products, or people determine how they want to live in the minds of their target audiences. We help organizations achieve a competitive advantage by articulating their aspirational cultures and bringing that culture alive.

Define Value Propositions

Plan Strategic Communications

Employee Engagement Training

Execute Communications