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Building High-
Performing Teams

Leading highly-structured conversations, we help individual teams connect with the broader organizational strategy and aspirational culture.

Based on teachings in our colleague Hugh’s book Don’t Forget Your Cape! What Preschoolers Teach Us About Leadership and Life, our workshops allow groups to identify what actions and practices will allow them to be more effective – using simple and practical approaches outlined in the book.

We also provide learning and development programs that build specific skills including:

  • Delivering powerful presentations and speeches
  • Creating persuasive communications
  • Helping leaders coach teams to achieve desired behaviours
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Building a customer service mindset

Our approach to learning and development is based upon the principles of edutainment – making our education sessions engaging and ‘sticky’ – and of participant interaction and co-creation.

Connect to invest in you or your team’s effectiveness.

building high performing teams
Today’s workforce is looking for more than a simple pay cheque, they want to align their work with their worldviews and connect with their boss and team. Leaders who invest in their team – technically and emotionally – see greater engagement, productivity and tenure. These five tips will help you motivate your team and keep them engaged long-term.

Building high-performing teams

Check out our founder, Hugh’s book:

Don’t Forget
Your Cape!

What Preschoolers Teach Us About Leadership and Life


A strong executive team works at continuous improvement.
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