What is your role at MacPhie?

My role at MacPhie is associate, which means I do anything and everything. Internally I manage our finances and client-wise I focus on our market research and strategy portfolios. A major aspect of my work is to create opportunities for open, honest, and meaningful dialogue. Whether it’s focus groups, interviews, surveys or online immersive blogging, these tools can help an organization gain a better understanding of its core objectives, and ultimately this understanding helps create profound connections between people and the organization.


What drew you to the company / why did you join MacPhie?

I first learned about MacPhie during my undergrad at Laurier – which just so happens to be Hugh and Jesse’s alma mater as well.. What drew me to the company was the people; they’re smart, energetic and genuinely care about developing great insights for clients. I knew they’d push me to be constantly thinking, learning, and improving – and I find that enormously rewarding.


Do you have an office nickname / what are you known for at MacPhie?

Around the office, I am known for introducing our Weekly Celebrations. At the end of every week, the MacPhie team gets together to reflect on the week – what we are proud of, times we helped each other out, and what we are excited about for the next week. We see in our clients a tendency to always be looking forward – which is terrific – but looking back is important, too. We find that when we take the time to reflect, we develop more appreciation, pride, momentum, and ultimately better results.


What do you like most about MacPhie?

Two things jump to mind. First, I like grappling with complex problems. Often in our projects, we collect a lot of information, and it’s our responsibility to synthesize and prioritize the data to figure out what’s most important. It’s not always clear-cut, and there are always a variety of perspectives to consider, which makes it an exciting challenge. Everyone on the MacPhie team brings a different view to a project, which allows us to “stress test” our solutions. We are always considering new approaches and questions that will help us unlock fresh insights.

Second, I get to meet and learn from fascinating, passionate people nearly every day. Our clients run the gamut of industries. So I have this incredible opportunity to witness and weigh in on challenges that are, in some cases, industry-specific, and in other cases, universal.


What is the most common challenge for the organizations with whom you work?

Tough question, but a very common challenge is differentiating the urgent from the important. The organizations with whom we work are barraged with so many demands and expectations that taking a step back can seem next to impossible. That’s where we come in. By bringing an outside perspective, we can help unlock new perspectives in our clients as well, which helps them get re-focused on the things that matter.


What sets MacPhie apart from the competition?

Well, I think MacPhie is truly a dynamic team of professionals who can bring a unique perspective to the situations or problems our clients are facing. Our team comes from different backgrounds, but we work exceptionally well together to ensure our clients always succeed in overcoming the challenges they’re experiencing. We always put our clients first and we’re always striving to improve the ways in which we can help our clients in the future.