Sam Mendelsohn wears many hats. Tactically, Sam manages the marketing team and professional services team for the Construction Division at Jonas Software, a division of Constellation Software that provides custom accounting software to construction companies. However, when describing his role, views himself as a consultant who is selling “the dream of the future.”

This is what we love about Sam. He has the ability to see the world in a unique way. When we had the chance to sit down with Sam and learn more about his latest thinking, we jumped at the chance. The following are some of the highlights of our conversation:




Sam on how to solve any problem:

“Three steps. First, you need to know what is wrong. Second, you need everyone to be aligned on what is wrong. Third, a defined approach on how to fix it.”

“It all comes down to alignment. You need to see the problem the same way and once you see the problem the same way, you need to see the solution the same way. Finally, you need to agree on a timeline for the solution.”

What do you do to make your organization more magnetic?

“In order to have magnetism, you need to have brand ambassadors across your organization. I can teach someone accounting, but what I cannot teach them is how to be humble, so I always make sure I am hiring for the cultural fit.”

“Start with your employees and they will take care of your customers.”

How do you encourage innovation in your role?

“Any process is just like a gear in a machine. You need to make sure all the gears are working for the machine to operate. For that, you need to clearly set the gates that people need to pass through to fulfill their role. Once they pass through those gates, it is all about process improvement and innovation, and that is when the rock stars will shine.”

What trends do you expect to most affect your industry and/or profession over the next five years?

“I often think of my job as being like a consultant. The most important part of consulting is to make sure you and your client see the world the same way. What is changing though, is that the pure facts are not as important as they once were. What is important now is tapping into the emotional side of things. This completely changes how we walk into a project.”