While completing her Ph.D. in Applied Social Psychology (ASP) at the University of Guelph, Oriana Vaccarino used a unique combination of qualitative research methodologies, and spoke with us about how she applies this to her consulting work.

We love Oriana because she truly understands the importance of the process. She discussed how the approach used for qualitative research can result in varied outcomes: “It’s important to select an approach and process for each situation. Supporting clients and groups as they select the approaches best suited for their needs.”


Oriana on the Value of ASP


“ASP uses qualitative and quantitative approaches to gain insight into individual, group, and organizational perspectives and behaviour. It provides methods and tools to help mobilize and understand groups.”


“This is especially important in today’s fast paced environment, where groups and organizations need to constantly adapt.”


Oriana on her Research Methodology


Participatory Action Research (PAR) is a community-driven process of collective inquiry, where participants are active contributors building ownership of the research process.


Public Deliberation (PD) is a means of collective negotiation on topics that aim to have practical and policy implications. It aims to incorporate voices of those excluded from decision-making.


Oriana used a unique combination of these methodologies in her Ph.D. to re-define successful aging in a way that captures the perspectives of older adults.


Oriana on Consulting


Oriana has applied the knowledge from her Ph.D. training to her consulting work, which has helped her:

  • Understand specific context, strengths and challenges of organizations from various perspectives
  • Understand which perspectives an organization wants to focus on
  • Put the plan in action
  • Evaluate how close an organization is to achieving its goals