MichaelBungayStanier600x600Michael Bungay Stanier is the Founder and Senior Partner of the leadership training company, Box of Crayons. His company has a message for time-crunched managers: You can help your employees do less good work, and more great work in 10 minutes of coaching or less.


His message is catching on. One of his popular books, Do More Great Work, has sold more than 100,000 copies worldwide. To push the envelope further, Michael organized a virtual conference that had 10,000 registered participants and featured 30 world-class speakers.




We love Michael because he understands the power of simple and meaningful communication; he knows how to ask the right questions and provide valuable advice. Michael also ensures an engaging and easy process that results in great work, something that we strive for here at MacPhie.



Michael on Process


When finding your expertise and approach “you fire bullets, then you fire cannonballs.” It is important to test and reevaluate your approach before implementing a resource heavy idea or “cannonball.”


Michael on Innovation


“Habits are hard to break. It is important to not only be open to change, but actively engage in it. This helps switch from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, which encourages resilient and creative thinking.”


Michael on Curiosity


“A book that makes me happy to be alive is Bill Bryson’s A Brief History of Nearly Everything. It makes science cool; it’s a billion to one chance that this planet even exists.”


Michael on Communication


“Asking a question gives up control of the conversation, but it is much more effective than simply offering advice.”


He says: “Stay curious about what the real challenge is, ask real questions, and get to the point. A constant process of feedback and coaching will foster employee engagement and a strategic approach that has an impact.”