Feeling the pressure to choose between your work and personal life? Nancy and Janet use their own experience as directors of the Canadian division of a global creative agency, entrepreneurs, spouses, and mothers to show you that, “Darling, you CAN do both.”

In their book, the authors reflect on the countless spoken and unspoken rules that govern our day-to-day lives, and they show that, if left unchecked, these rules can limit women’s ability to reach the potential that they imagine for themselves.

Darling You Can’t Do Both is the “how-to” guide on (creatively) breaking the rules, disregarding the status quo, and finding success on your own terms. With lessons on mentoring, delegation, negotiation, networking, and leadership – Nancy and Janet challenge common conceptions of work-life balance and show that parenthood can enhance, rather than hinder your career.

So, if you’re stuck in a pattern that doesn’t feel like your own, this book can help to prove all the nay sayers wrong as you flip the script and shamelessly chase your passion.