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We define a brand as how a product, organization, or person lives in the minds of its target audience. And through the lens of our Magnetism Philosophy, our process identifies opportunities for clients to create more profound connections with the people who matter most to them.

Our research-based approach to brand strategy creates differentiated brand definitions, positioning, and brand architectures that staff members and ad agencies can easily use to deliver against in consistent yet creative ways.

When our clients require graphic design support, we work well with their existing suppliers, and we also have a number of graphic design and advertising experts we trust.


Brand is culture and culture is brand.
See how we help shape organizational cultures

Marketing & Communications Planning

Embarking upon a marketing or communications effort without a logical, taut, and elegant plan would be as foolish as starting construction on a skyscraper without any blue prints.

Clients love our marketing and communications plans because they aren’t focused on clever messaging or recycled creative – they are focused on the business, communications, and operational objectives. Our approach is to co-create the best answer through a disciplined process that includes our clients every step of the way.

Customer Journey Mapping

The key moments that matter to your clients and customers when they interact with your organization may be very different from what you perceive as most important. At Cleveland Clinic, the way the volunteer in the front foyer welcomes a patient may have a far greater impact on their perception of their experience than the actual skill of their heart surgeon.

Our Customer Journey Mapping helps to understand what customers think, feel and understand on their journey with you, it captures:

  • the breadth of touch-points that affect customer experience and loyalty,
  • what customers love now,
  • pain points or gaps (that lead to high priority areas for improvement), and
  • what needs are being met or are unmet at different stages throughout the journey.

Here’s a great example: While working with a non-for-profit we determined that their biggest engagement opportunity was with caregivers, rather than the patients where they had focused their marketing efforts. It transformed their programs, their marketing and the value they provided to their core audiences.

Magnetic Public Affairs

Over the years, a number of clients for whom we have worked in strategic planning, marketing and communications, and organizational development capacities have asked us about extending the work we have done on their behalf into public affairs.

Our Magnetism Philosophy provides a highly-effective thought process and lens through which public affairs challenges and opportunities can be solved.

In addition to public affairs strategies, we also provide presentation skills, media training, and issues management support.

Learn more about Magnetic Public Affairs.

gaining customer insight

Building a brand strategy requires having an informed view of your target audience. In this document, we share some tactics to understand your customers, and key insights you should seek to uncover.

The secret to gaining customer insight.


We often coach individual executives with
speech preparation and writing.
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