Alexander Moore

As an intern at MacPhie, Alex supported the team in engagements across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, as well as with internal operations and business development.

Some of Alex’s major projects were: working with a government ministry to build a more magnetic culture, assisting in the strategic planning process for an insurance brokerage firm, and aiding in a research initiative for a community care organization.

Alex is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in psychology and business at the University of Waterloo, and has just begun a new internship in the market research division of Desire2Learn.

Questions for Alex:

  1. What did you find most enjoyable about your experience at MacPhie?

The fast paced environment. Having a small and tight-knit team facilitates an energizing and purposeful environment, which was incredibly exciting to work in. During my term I was able to work on countless different projects and to learn about a variety of sectors. I learned so much in just one term.

  1. Do you feel you were challenged in your role at MacPhie?

Without a doubt. During my co-op term I quickly learned that at MacPhie, everyone strives for excellence. I instantly got caught up in this energy and was always trying to improve my work. Furthermore, at MacPhie you are not seen as ‘just a co-op student’. You are an equal member of the team and are given important responsibilities.

  1. What was the most valuable thing you learned at MacPhie?

How to think critically. At MacPhie no two engagements are the same and each requires a well thought out approach. As a result, I was constantly sitting around the whiteboard brainstorming ideas with the team and was able to refine my problem solving skills.

  1. What was your most memorable experience at MacPhie?

One afternoon we were working on a market research report and it looked like we might be tight hitting our deadline. Without hesitation the entire MacPhie team pulled together to support. It was incredible! We were all working on the same document at the same time and jumping from task to task. Within a couple of hours we were able to finish the entire report.